We are a grant-giving trust focusing on small charities under £1M consolidated income.


Improving the quality of life for elderly people: countering isolation and disengagement, but not specific projects for people with dementia.

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Helping young people aged 15 to 25: working to prevent young people falling into violence, crime and prison.


Supporting families and children up to age 14: particularly providing active care and helping them to thrive and realise their full potential.

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Our funding aims

ExPat seeks to identify the impact of our funding and will therefore fund the whole or a substantial part of a project. We encourage applicants to apply to us on a full-cost recovery basis, seeking a grant (or multi-year grants) for the total costs of a project, service or activity, including a relevant part of overhead costs. ExPat also considers grant applications for the recovery of core costs of running the charity. We fund front-line projects rather than campaigns.

Charities we have supported

Improving the quality of life for elderly people

Magic Me's Cocktails in Care Homes

Magic Me is an arts charity that brings generations together to build a stronger, safer community. Its projects often link unlikely partners. Young people aged 8+ and adults aged 60+ team up through shared, creative activity.

Evenings in care homes can be quiet and lonely, so every week Magic Me adult volunteers host cocktail parties – an occasion for volunteers and residents to socialise together.

The ExPat Foundation was one of the earliest supporters of Cocktails in Care Homes after it started in 2010. With a growing team of volunteers, the charity runs monthly parties in sixteen care homes across London, supported by a multi-year grant from ExPat and other organisations.

Improving the quality of life for elderly people

The Camden Town Shed and The Rotherhide Shed

The Mens’ Shed movement in the UK tries to replicate a ‘shed in the garden’ where people pursue practical interests with independence and ease. With space, tools, people, skills and resources, the shed aims to enable and encourage participants to make, mend or follow a hobby. It often provides both facility to work as well as a replacement of elements of the workplace: mates, problem solving, sharing skills, being creative, going ‘to work’. It is a much-appreciated destination for elderly men at risk of isolation.

The Camden Shed applied to The ExPat Foundation for a grant for an additional day of a supervisor and the provision and installation of specific equipment, all of which was granted.

The Rotherhide Shed is a joint enterprise between Time and Talents UK and London Bubble Theatre group. The ExPat Foundation has supported the general operating costs of this endeavour.


Helping young people aged 15 to 25

Leap Confronting Conflict

Leap is a national youth charity that creates and delivers inspirational conflict management training and support to young people aged between 11 and 25 to make changes in their lives by gaining a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship with conflict. Many of the young people Leap works with have grown up in care, are not in mainstream education, are at risk of gang involvement and exploitation, or are caught up in the criminal justice system. Leap also designs training sessions and larger programmes for those professionals who work with young people such as local council workers, youth workers, prison officers and other voluntary sector workers, as they are best placed to offer support when conflict arises.

The ExPat Foundation has given Leap multi-year grants to support its operating costs.


Helping young people aged 15 to 25

St Giles Trust SOS Project

St Giles Trust, a national crime preventative charity that delivers training, employment and resettlement support services to ex-offenders, disadvantaged children and families, and young people at risk of offending and other socially excluded people.

In conjunction with The Royal London Hospital, St Giles developed its SOS Project to work in the hospital’s Major Trauma Unit. Former offenders are based in the hospital to work alongside heath care professionals. Together, they identify and help young victims of gang crime and serious youth violence and offer specialist gang safe exit support.

The ExPat Foundation funded a part-time administrator to support the in-unit team for two years.

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Supporting families and children up to age 14

Support for Jacari

Jacari’s mission is to improve the confidence and English language skills of children and young people through a free tuition scheme. The charity works with those who have English as an additional language and are at risk of not achieving their full potential. Student volunteers spend an hour a week helping a child with their language skills and general confidence: one-to-one support has been proven to improve academic performance at school and raise the child’s confidence outside the classroom.

The ExPat Foundation funded a specific project to support volunteers.


Supporting families and children up to age 14

Support for London Play

London Play wants every child in London to have quality, accessible and inclusive play opportunities. It organises and campaigns for more and better play spaces and supports playwork in the capital.

ExPat funded a group of children to experience a summer holiday called ‘Camp Build’.

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In Memoriam

Patricia Siegbert Wolfston

28 June 1926 - 2 August 2019

ExPat was started by Pat in 2002. Having no children, Pat decided to donate her wealth to charities through The ExPat Foundation. ExPat has given grants amounting to over £7 million to date.

…She has left behind a legacy that will last for generations.” Donor Operations Head, Grant Recipient Charity